Life, Love, and the Pursuit of… Katie Dooley Photography!

Katie Dooley Photography

My interest in photography sparked at just a little girl, lining my Barbie dolls up for photo shoots. Since then, I have expanded my interest in the art (and my subjects) but still use the same creativity through my photography today. The ability to capture a moment in time with just the click of a button is absolutely magical! By just one look at a photo, it can bring you back to that day; how you felt and the memories and story behind it, it is amazing! I take such pride in the photos I have taken and the memories behind them.

My specialties are landscape and portrait photography. I enjoy all photography but I truly have a passion for capturing the beauty of the world through landscape photography and the personality and emotion that I’m able to capture through portrait photography.

If you are interested in prints of my current work or interested in discussing a portrait session contact me at, I look forward to hearing from you!

Capturing the beauty of life through the eye of a lens.




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