Life, Love, and the Pursuit of… LadiMerk!

Now that you have read my “About” page, you may be wondering, where the name LadiMerk came from and why I use it? You may have also seen it on my social media pages, here: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat.

LadiMerk is an online nickname given to me by my husband, Shane, aka Merkadis (his online name). I love it and now utilize the name as my own online username. You will find me using it on all of my social media outlets.

My husband is a full-time online gaming streamer which means he creates live interactive content while playing online video games with people watching him. We always get the questions “Why would someone want to watch someone else play a video game?” the easiest way to explain is to compare it to a sports game. People enjoy watching the NFL or the NBA, it is sort of like that, but within the online gaming world.

So, am I a gamer? The answer is, has, and will always be… NO! I have no interest in games or really anything to do with them, except for my husband. But, I do love the nickname and I appreciate the followers he has and the support they have given him throughout the years. And since it is his passion, I can appreciate it for what it is.

So if online gaming is your thing, feel free to check him out on TwitchTwitterYouTubeFacebook, or Instagram.

Katie Signature– aka LadiMerk


Fun fact: We also have two MerkKitties!



“Marriage: an endless sleepover with your favorite weirdo” – Unknown